Monday, November 28, 2011

Get Creative Thinking Solving Most Problems

If you, like me, think that life is an ongoing learning opportunity and possibly the most interesting part of our day-long trip, you should have realized how important it is to be able to think outside the box when it comes problem resolution time.

While most people associate creativity with artistic work, being really creative really means being able to address issues and problems in novel and innovative ways. Of course, when you apply that concept to painting or music and the problem is how to create something that people like, it seems that the company is reserved for those who communicate and express themselves through the arts.

The more you have trained in the habit of thinking creatively the easier and more enjoyable it becomes the face and clarify any issues that you are. The more you strengthen your ability to question, imagine, and adapt, the easier it is for you to realize that there are no unsolvable problems or lack of new ideas to open a new path.

You just need some specific approach that leads you to think beyond their traditional thinking.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Creative Think, find the Solutions to their Problems

Creative thinking can be easily understood when compared to critical thinking. Different people have different talents and interests. This can be seen in the decisions that people make when it comes to what extent they want to stay in college, hobbies, interests them, and the race who want to venture into in the future. Some are interested in technical issues and objectives, as the hard sciences, while some are more prone to artistic disciplines such as theater, design and creative writing. Although there are preferences, everyone has both the left and right. The factor affecting the preference is dominating the other side.

Creative thinking is divergent. Instead of critical thinking, creativity requires more ways to reach the goal.

Creative thinking is subjective.The opinion of the most important thinker on creativity.

Creative thinking is done in the right brain. Physiologically and anatomically, creative thinking separate passes for critical thinking.

Different though it may be, critical thinking and creative thinking and art are two important aspects of the human mind. Critical and creative thinking must be refined and developed to achieve a well-rounded state of mind

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Look Creative Thinking what's on the cards!

Creative thinking design and in special wedding cards. Here with such innovations, the humble wedding invite is a work of art. And in a world that's going increasingly paperless, it's interesting how this piece of paper is cornering as much attention as the bride's outfit or the selection of the wedding menu.

Creative cards are not all about papier-mâché cut in the figure of hearts, or fabric that's stained with mehendi. “Metallic boards are being used rather a bit these days.

The new innovations to wedding cards are not merely superficial; they range from variations in colour and texture to a finish revamp of the style, the material and the content.

But going by the frequency of particular orders, neither weight nor cost appears to be a deterrent and a unique wedding invite seems the best way to declare to the world a union of souls.

The card is then enclosed in a dazzling envelope, before it makes its last journey to the invitee.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Creative thinking and Innovation

Creative think studies is one of the subject in my this trimester. I get to know that I require to create a creativity blog journal for this trimester to document my creative journey here! Wow ~! Sound interesting~ I confident I enjoy doing this and my reader enjoy reading this too =)

Lecturer had told us practically the objective of creative studies, learning outcome and summarizing about our course outline. Yes, I get to know something new is creative not only the image look attractive or what but problem solving too!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

THINK! resources for Road Safety Guard Masters

The THINK! Effort team has worked with road safety officers, emergency services, driving instructors, the armed services and other road safety professionals to deliver good road safety campaigns since 2000.

We offer a range of support for local people campaigns:

* access to our campaign development and rating research
* free materials for distribution to road users
* use of THINK! Advertisement and branding

A new road safety professional resource will be established in summer 2011.

If you have any feedback or suggestions to help us improve our professional resources, we would love to hear from you contact

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thinking Creative Solve Problem

Thinking is the most prominent mental activity present in man. All human achievements and progress are simply the products of thought. The development of culture, art, literature, science and technology are all the results of thinking.

Dr. Edward de Bono says that thinking CAN be improved just like any skill because thinking according to him is a skill.

Nine approaches to creative problem solving:

  • Rethink! Look at problems in many different ways.
  • Visualize! Utilize diagrams and imagery to analyze your dilemma.
  • Produce! Genius is productive.
  • Combine! Make novel combination...
  • Form! Form relationships.
  • Opposite! Think in opposites.
  • Metaphor/simile! Think metaphorically.
  • Failure! Learning from your mistakes is one example of using failure.
  • Patience! Don't confuse inspiration with ideas